Madelyn Marie

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Madelyn Marie in Study Sexssion

On this episode of WLT we are joined by Madelyn Marie who is simply awesome! All the girls are home studying for there exam that needs to be completed by the next day. In the process of there studying the girls kinda got a little sidetracked with each other. They were all in lingerie and after a while they couldn’t help but getting frisky with each other. Before you knew Sammie was bringing her book filled with all the toys on the bed with the girls. I don’t think I need to explain what took place after this lets just say you wont wanna miss it. Enjoy! (view now)

Madelyn Marie in Jizz and Juice

For this episode of Cum Fiesta we have Madelyn a hot young thing who heard about our party and was bored so she decided to come and check it out. Well boy did we have a surprise for her Ramon was ready and waiting. Now Madelyn was pretty anxious herself as soon as she got on the couch she began playing with her self warming that nice pussy up for Ramon. As soon as Ramon came in thats where all the real action began this is one update you will definitely not want too miss! Enjoy! (view now)

Madelyn Marie in Promiscuous Girls

It is summer time, and the ladies are not wearing much. Our VIP ladies do not like wearing much anyways. They love showing off for us, so the less clothes the better. We got a variety of panties for those that love them and plenty of pussy shots for the non snapper wrapper people. Josh has S. Florida clubs on the lock down. Madelyn is one smoking hottie. Her body is just right. Her long sexy hair is perfect for holding on to while bumping from behind. She got a nice load of man juice spilled all over her, so they jumped the shower after the game of mattress polo. Madelyn looked even sexier all soapy and wet. (view now)