Madelyn Marie

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Here are some quick and interesting facts and FAQs about Madelyn Marie.  For starters she was born on January 29, 1987 in West Point, NY. Yes her father is a military man.

  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Height: 5 feet and 7 inches
  • Measurements: 32F-28-32
  • Sign: Aquarius

Is Madelyn Marie married?

Yes, in fact she is. She is married to male porn star (and pro-am surfer) Ramon Nomar.

When did Madelyn Marie start in the adult industry?

She started in 2008 but it wouldn’t be until 2009 that she would do more than girl / girl work.  One of the first films she would work on would be with mega super star Briana Banks in her movie Lustrous.

What did Madelyn Marie do before porn?

She did mainstream modeling until she went off to college.  I don’t know where the rumor started about her working at some pet store in a shopping mall but Madelyn Marie told me specifically that was not true.  That by the time she was 19 she was already in college.  So sorry guys but that story isn’t true.

What really is Madelyn Marie’s birthday?  I’ve seen 3 different dates.

Well that’s a very good question.  I took have seen different websites report different dates but I happen to have a copy of her driver’s license from when she worked on one of her movies and well although we blocked out a lot of the information on it for obvious privacy reasons, you can see by looking at it below her date of birth is actually January 29, 1987.

In an interview Madelyn Marie did with Twistys she said she was 5 foot 7 but the ID you have shows she is 5 foot 9 inches tall.  What’s going on there?

It is true that Madelyn Marie is super model tall but is she 5 foot 7 like she said in an interview or 5 foot 9 like her driver’s license says?  Truth is I have no idea.  I know that her ID says legally she is 5 foot 9 but well the interview you are talking about, I seen that myself and it does say 5 foot 7.  I know that sometimes on your ID they will round up.  Like I am 5 foot tall and a half inch so they put on my ID that I’m 5 foot 1, rounding up.  But even if that is the case, that still leaves an inch not accounted for.

If I had to guess I would say to err on the side of Madelyn.  We all know the government makes mistakes all the time so I would say the mistake was probably on the end of the ID.  I mean when you ask someone how tall they are, of course they know that answer and tell you.  So it only makes sense that what Madelyn said in the interview is accurate and the ID would be a mistake.