Madelyn Marie

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Madelyn Marie came to porn in a rather unusual way. She wasn’t one of those girls you hear about from a broken family. In fact, her parents are still together and she’s very close with her sisters. But of them, she’s always sort of been the “wild child”.

After high school, Madelyn Marie was doing mainstream modeling. During college, she also started getting involved in some wild college girls type events. No not “Girls Gone Wild” but something rather similar. It was at this time she changed her name to Madelyn Marie and made the leap into porn.

When Madelyn Marie first started her career as a porn star she did girl / girl or masturbation scenes only. Lucky for us, that didn’t last long before she started doing the more hardcore stuff. Now she’s done creampies, facials and even once ass to mouth. How hot is that?

Madelyn Marie was born into a military family on January 29, 1987, in West Point, NY.  She would be one of three daughters the family would eventually have. I don’t want to reveal too much of her family history for her own safety.  But what I can say is that she was born into a well decorated military family that produced many generations of military heroes.  However, the females in the family were not to be outdone by the military legends of the men.  Almost all of them would have one or more beauty pageant titles to their name.

Madelyn Marie is a very pretty girl and usually, girls with her looks get booked under contract however not Madelyn.  Not that she hasn’t been offered but it seems she likes her independence.  She considered at one time early on in her career working with Briana Banks under a uniquely designed contract but when that deal fell apart she decided to go out on her own and what a splash she has made so far!  In 2010 she received two award nominations and I’m sure that is only the beginning.

Madelyn Marie is a highly sought after girl and pretty much works as often as she wants.  One studio said they tried to book her for a movie in February but she was so much in demand that they had to change filming dates just to get her because she is that booked up!

No matter how you slice it, Madelyn Marie is just an amazingly beautiful girl.  Some compare her to supermodel Cindy Crawford.  I didn’t think about that myself until I put their photos together in a side by side comparison and they are right, Madelyn Marie and Cindy Crawford really do look at lot alike.  Below is a photo of Cindy Crawford (left) and to the right is Madelyn Marie in a photo she took for Twistys in February of 2010.

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In March of 2010 it was announced that after much thought and consideration Madelyn Marie has signed an exclusive contract with Blue Bird Films.  She began making movies for them immediately after going under contract and one of the first films she was doing was called Passenger 69.  It’s a high budget porno that co-stars Gemma Massey among others.  Below is a photo of Madelyn on the set of Passenger 69.